What is PAGE?

We represent a community with a shared interest in data analysis using the population approach.

After a long and careful consideration of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, the PAGE Board has decided to postpone the PAGE2020 meeting in Ljubljana to 22 to 25 June 2021. We make this decision with profound disappointment, but we are convinced that we simply have no alternative. We have however, thanks to the efforts of our event organiser, been able to secure the same conference venue for next year, with minimal disruption to the organisation of the event.

Registered PAGE participants have received a personal email, so if you are registered and have not received this email, please check your spam box. In short, our current preliminary assessment suggests that PAGE has succeeded in minimizing the costs due to the postponement and that, if you are currently registered for PAGE2020, your registration can remain in place for PAGE2021. No refunds can be provided if you cannot attend PAGE2021, but substitution of delegates in the same registration category will be accepted at any time. Registration will open again early next year for those who wish to attend PAGE but have not registered yet.
Abstracts submitted for the PAGE2020 meeting will not become visible, and no further program decisions will be made until the preparation of next year’s meeting. Submitted abstracts can be kept until next year, revised in due course, or retracted and reused elsewhere; if you log into your PAGE profile, you can edit or delete your abstract yourself.
These are trying times but PAGE will continue, and we are already looking forward to an amazing conference in 2021!