What is PAGE?

We represent a community with a shared interest in data analysis using the population approach.

NONMEM® software from ICON Clinical Research LLC
Phoenix NLME™
is Certara's powerful new data processing and modeling software for population PK/PD analysis. Phoenix NLME 1.0 includes flexible tools to create models from an extensive built-in library of models, graphically, or via user-supplied code. Features include graphical workflows that integrate data preparation, model selection and generation of tables and figures, and parallelized model estimation engines designed to take advantage of significant speed gains available on modern computers running multiple processors. Phoenix NLME 1.0 can be optionally configured to connect with a drug development organization's computer grids and clusters.
is a program that implements the SAEM algorithm for estimation in nonlinear mixed-effects models with several nice new features: library of usual PK and PD models as well as discrete data models, additional graphical output, enhanced interface, handling of measurements below limit of quantification, MLXTRAN language for easy model description, etc. Available as a MATLAB program or as a stand-alone executable version that does not require MATLAB.
is a freely available open-source package for R that does not depend on any commercial software, and is available on CRAN and GitHub. The package allows structural models to be implemented using a system of ordinary differential equations (ODEs), and allows fully flexible dosing definitions in terms of the type (e.g. bolus doses or infusions), the timing, the number of doses, and their amount, which can vary between individuals. nlmixr builds on RxODE, a fast and efficient R package for simulating nonlinear mixed effect models using ODEs, with rapid execution due to compilation in C. Comprehensive online documentation is available, along with an nlmixr tutorial in CPT:PSP, and a performance comparison paper in CPT:PSP. The package comes with its dedicated project manager shinyMixR that runs in a web-browser, and is linked to xpose for graphical exploration and goodness of fit plots.
is a general-purpose program for Bayesian statistical analysis. BUGS version 0.6 can handle a wide range of models including linear mixed-effect models. The 1.4 version of WinBUGS is currently available and is capable of fitting non-linear mixed effect models; a specialist Windows interface for PK modelling (PKBUGS) is included.
is a free and open-source probabilistic programming language implementing full Bayesian statistical inference. See mc-stan.org for interfaces to R, Matlab, Python, cmdline, Julia, Stata and Mathematica, find the reference manual and case studies at mc-stan.org/documentation/, and get help from the Stan users mailing list.

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