What is PAGE?

We represent a community with a shared interest in data analysis using the population approach.

is the American Conference on Pharmacometrics, organized annually by ISoP. In 2021, ACoP will be virtual.
is the World Conference on Pharmacometrics (WCoP) and the third conference will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, from 29 March to 1 April 2022.
International Society of Pharmacometrics (ISoP)
The mission of ISoP is the promotion and advancement of the discipline of pharmacometrics, through Integration, Innovation, and Impact: quantitative integration of multisource data and knowledge of clinical, biomedical, biological, engineering, statistical, and mathematical concepts, resulting in continuous methodological and technological innovation enhancing scientific understanding and knowledge, which in turn has an impact on discovery, research, development, approval, and utilization of new therapies.
is the Population Approach Group of Australia and New Zealand.
is a non-profit organisation with annual meetings providing an open forum for discussing all PKPD issues in drug development as well as clinical implications of PKPD studies.
Pharmacometrics Africa
is a platform for interested groups to establish and run open access quantitative clinical pharmacology educational programs in partnership with local research organisations and academic groups.
Pharmacometrics Japan Conference
is an international meeting which provides an opportunity for promoting, updating and learning the science and application of pharmacometrics. The Conference offers a comprehensive scientific program including educational lectures by internationally leading scientists and opportunity for presenting and discussing recent pharmacometric research.
Pharmacometrics Network Benelux (PNB)
The PNB initiative aims to connect pharmacometricians in Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. The intention is to create an informal platform for the pharmacometrics community (in industry, academia, hospital pharmacies as well as regulatory bodies), with the goal to promote professional and scientific awareness and interactions.
provides annual workshops on the theory of optimum experimental design for non-linear mixed effects models and its applications in drug development.
Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Conference (QSPC)
The focus of QSPC, organized every 4 years by Leiden University, is on emerging computational and experimental approaches in the field of quantitative systems pharmacology and mechanism-based or physiologically-based pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. The meeting will include plenary lectures by both established and young scientists, poster presentations, and ample opportunities for networking.
Red Iberoamericana de Farmacometría (RedIF)
is an Ibero-American network in the field of pharmacometrics focused on the promotion of education and training or personnel in this area and the encouragement of its application in the fields of development, registration and use of medicines, integrating academia, industry, regulatory and clinic sectors.
is the Stockholm Uppsala Pharmacometrics group who meet twice a year, alternately in Stockholm and Uppsala, for a half days’ worth of presentations with social event afterwards.
is the Uppsala Pharmacometric Summer School intended for PhD students from all around the world. The program includes lectures and hands-on sessions, student group work and presentations. Instructors are Prof. Mats Karlsson and colleagues from the Uppsala Pharmacometric Research Group. The application form can be found here.

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