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Friday June 25
09:00-09:45 Registration
09:45-10:00 Welcome
Oral session I Software chair: A. Thomson
10:00-10:15 C. Pobel NONMEM running on a PC workstation: installation and use in a Clinical Pharmacy Department
10:15-10:30  P. Girard, A. Laffont, J.P. Boissel Interface between NONMEM output and an Exploratory Data Analysis Tool
10:30-10:45 D. Stephens The POPKAN Software
10:45-11:00 R. Gomeni P-Pharm : A Population Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Data Modeling Program
11:00-11:30 Coffee break
Oral session II Comparison of methodologies chair: W. Weber
11:30-12:00 J. Wakefield Comparison of approaches - Population Pharmacokinetics of Quinidine
12:00-12:15 N. Best, W. Gilks, K. Tan Population Pharmacokinetic Modelling using the GIBBS Sampler
12:15-12:30 M.C. Iliadis, R. Bruno, V. Cosson, J.C. Vergniol, A. Mallet, G. Montay, D. Oulid-Aissa, M. Marty, M. Clavel, M. Aapro, A. Frydman, M. Bayssas, A. Iliadis Taxotere Population Pharmacokinetics during Phase I Studies : Comparison of NONMEM and NPML
12:30-12:45 E. Fuseau, S. Lettis, L. Lacey Simulated Population Pharmacokinetic Data for Use in Assessing the Robustness of Current Population Methods
12:45-14:00 Lunch
Oral session III chair: J. Van Bree
14:00-14:15 L. Aarons The use of an EM algorithm for parameter estimation from spare data
14:15-14:30 F.Y. Bois, D. Maszle, A. Gelman A Toxicokinetic Analysis of Tetra Chloroethylene Methabolism in Humans
14:30-14:45 L.S. Murray, S. Senan, J. Cassidy, P. Workman, S.B. Kaye, M.A. Graham A Preliminary report on the Pharmacokinetics of Tirapazamine
14:45-15:00 C. Laveille, M. Chic, F. Dubois, R. Jochemsen Indapamide population pharmacokinetics via mixed effects modeling: models building and bayesian estimation of pharmacokinetics parameters
15:00-15:15 W. Weber, L. Harnisch Population pharmacokinetics in paediatric patients : comparison of empirical renal clearance models
15:15-15:30 A. Laffont, P. Girard, P. Maire, X. Barbaut, G. Chapelle, C. Pobel, T. Berod, C. Pivot, B. Lacarelle, J. Debord, R.W. Jelliffe, J.P. Boissel Multicenter study of Amikacyn Pharmacokinetics from patients under TDM
15:30-15:45 N. Taright, F. Mentré, R. Jouvent, S. Ammar, A Mallet Population analysis of the kinetics of litium using NPML and evaluation of the estimated characteristics on a group of patients regimen
15:45-16:30 Tea break
Tutorial chair: S. Vozeh
16:30-17:30 F. Mentré Optimal Design in Population Analysis Including Bayesian Aspects
Oral session IV Population approach in Drug Development chair: S. Vozeh
17:30-17:45 J.L. Steimer Points to consider when presenting population analysis to regulatory autorities
17:45-18:00 A. Van Peer International Harmonisation of Guidelines on Studies in Special Patient Populations
18:80-18:15 R. Bruno, T. Joumard, N. Vivier, J.C. Vergniol, V. Cosson, G. Montay, F. This, M. Bayssas, A. Frydman Implementation of Population Pharmacokinetic Studies during Drug Development : Success Factors
18:15-18:30 PAGE prospects : general discussion (R. Bruno, P. Girard, J.L. Steimer, B. Tranchand)
COST B1 - Next meeting(s) ? - Organizing Committee
18:30 End of the meeting