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Davide Verotta
Mechanistic and Non-mechanistic Drug Dynamics Modeling
Janet Wade
Miscellaneous regulatory information
Roberto Gomeni1, Jean M. Joulia1,2, Frédéric Pinguet 2, Marc Ychou3 and Françoise Bressolle1,2
Circadian Population Pharmacokinetics of 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) in Patients with Metastatic Colorectal Cancer
Gordon Graham1, Leon Aarons1 and Suneel Gupta2
A Bayesian Analysis of Categorical and Count Pharmacodynamic Data
Rik C. Schoemaker, Joop M.A. van Gerven & Adam F. Cohen
Estimating potency for the Emax-model without attaining maximal effects
Silvy Laporte, Pascal Girard, Patrick Mismetti, Sylvie Chabaud
What Is The Relevance Of Estimating Inter-Study Variability In Population Pharmacokinetic Meta-Analysis ?
Nick Holford
Clinical Pharmacology = Disease Progress + Drug Action. The role of clinical trial modelling, simulation and analysis using the population PKPD approach.
Population Pharmacokinetics Of Amikacin In Hematologic Malignant Patients
Patrick Mismetti, Silvy Laporte, Pascal Girard, Hervé Decousus
Indirect Pharmacodynamic Model With Two Different Markers Of Oral Anticoagulant In Young Healthy Volunteers
D. Santos Buelga, G. Frutos, MJ Garcia, MJ Otero, A. Dominguez-Gil
Optimization Of A Population Pharmacokinetic Model Of Theophylline In Adult Patients
Taright N. (1), Mentré F. (1), Engrand P. (2), Loumaye E. (2), Trinchard-Lugan I. (2), Munafo A. (2).
Population Pharmacokinetics of Recombinant Human Luteinising Hormone in Patients
M.J. García, D. Santos Buelga, M.J. Otero, B. Blanco, A.C. Falcão, A. Domínguez-Gil
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Of Antiepileptic Drugs; Can We Use TDM Data To Estimate Population Pharmacokinetic Parameters?
M. Van Guilder(1), R. Leary(2), A. Schumitzky(1), X.Wang(1), S. Vinks(3), and R. Jelliffe(1).
Nonlinear Nonparametric Population Modeling On A Supercomputer.
Modelling interoccasion variability after repeated oral drug administration.
I. Nestorov, L. Aarons, M. Rowland
A population approach to the study of structure-pharmacokinetic relationships: An example with a homologous series of barbiturates
Y. Merlé, E. Schmautz, and A Mallet.
Assessment Of Two Strategies For Detecting Pharmacodynamic Interactions In The Context Of The NPMLApproach;
P. Noertersheuser, S. Ghani, S.Kreis
Evaluation of the dose / concentration / response relationship of an antithrombotic acting development drug, performed with NONMEM and P - PHARM
U. Wählby*, E. N. Jonsson and M. O. Karlsson
A Stepwise Procedure For Interindividual Variability Model Building
Williams P, Lane J., Capparelli E., Turkel C.
Computer Simulation: A Useful Tool for Trial Dosage Selection
Jean-Michel Gries, Pharm.D, Ph.D.(1), Davide Verotta, Ph.D.(2), Lewis B. Sheiner, M.D.(3)
Estimation of individual pharmacokinetic parameters in presence of possible non-compliance
Rashmi R Shah
Limitations of Population Approaches in Regulatory Assessment of New Chemical Entities
ML McFadyen(1), SF Marshall (2), PA Milligan(2), DJ Nichols(2) MO Karlsson(3)
Clinical versus statistical significance in covariate selection
S. F. Marshall(1), P. A. Milligan(1), D. J. Nichols(1) and M. O. Karlsson(2)
Do we require the population approach to dose adjust in renal impairment? : A case study with dofetilide
Kazimierz H. Kozlowski
Semi-Populational Model For Analysis Of Infusable Immunoglobulin-G Pharmacokinetics In VLBW Infants
SB Duffull (1), JJ Deely (2). NHG Holford (3).
Comparison Of A Semiparametric Method With Nonmem For Population Analysis Of Simulated Data
Dave Lunn and Jon Wakefield
The analysis of ordinal pharmacodynamic data: applicationto allergy score.
Mats O Karlsson and E Niclas Jonsson
An Automated Stepwise Covariate Model Building Procedure Within NONMEM
Silvy Laporte, Pascal Girard, Patrick Mismetti, Sylvie Chabaud
What Is The Relevance Of Estimating Inter-Study Variability In Population Pharmacokinetic Meta-Analysis?
J.-L. Steimer, B. Fotteler, R. Gieschke, H.Wiltshire, N. Buss
Mixed-effects modeling and simulation of the Dose-AUC relationship of saquinavir in healthy subjects and HIV-positive patients (II)
Misba Beerahee, PhD(1) and Mark Sale, MD(2)
An integrated population PK-PD model characterising the time course of exposure and clinical endpoints (biochemical, physiological and haemodynamics) for 546C88, a nitric oxide synthase inhibitor, in patients with septic shock.
GE Blakey, P McCormack, ADP Dean and N Entwistle
An Exploratory Population Pharmacokinetic Analysis Examining The Influence Of Demography and Co-Medication On The Plasma Clearance Of The Anti- Epileptic Remacemide.
S Chabaud, P Girard, P Nony , C. Laveille, JP Boissel.
PK-PD Model Of Ivabradine, A Bradycardic Agent, And Its Metabolite In Healthy Volunteers
Farkad Ezzet
Population Pharmacokinetics And Therapeutic Response Of Artemether Following Treatment Of Coartem In Malaria Patients
N. Frey (1), M. Dubard (1), J.M.A. Van Gerven (2), and R. Jochemsen (1)
Population pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics of rilmenidine in 27 hypertensive patients
P.McCormack, L. Aarons, N.Yeates, M. Nassim, J. Gardner and M. Russell
Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics of AR-C69931MX a novel P2T antagonist in healthy male and female volunteers.
Nicolas Simon, Eliane Fuseau, Peter Daley-Yates
Fluticasone propionate pharmacokinetics in asthma patients when administered alone or in combination to salmeterol.
Georg Hempel, Mats O. Karlsson*, Dinesh P. de Alwis John McNay, Nathalie Toublanc and Hans G. Schaefer
Population PK/PD Modelling of 24h-Ambulatory Blood Pressure Data using NONMEM
L.Nguyen, P. Variol, B. Tranchand* and C. Puozzo.
Population pharmacokinetics of Navelbine: Model set up from phase I data and Validation of a limiting sampling strategy
M. Costa*, E. Berno#, G. P. Zara#, C. Della Pepa#, R. Canaparo, M. Eandi#
A Non-Parametric Population PK/PD Analysis Of Tolcapone To Predict L-Dopa Plasma Concentrations
P. Ghahramani, W.W. Yeo, G.T. Tucker
Use of NONMEM to determine the influence of CYP2D6 activity on the pharmacokinetics of amitriptyline and nortriptyline