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R.E. Port
Estimating Individual Pretreatment Levels Of A Pharmacologic Response Variable
Dinesh de Alwis and Leon Aarons
The Population Pharmacokinetics Of Ondansetron: A Covariate Analysis
Mentre F. (1), Comets E. (1), Pousset F. (2), Plaud B. (2), Diquet B. (2), Montalescot G. (3), Ankri A. (4), Mallet A. (1), Lechat Ph. (2)
Population Pharmacokinetics/ Pharmacodynamics Of Fluindione In Patients.
M. Audran(1) , F. Bressolle (2), R. Gareau (3) and R. Gomeni (4)
A Population Pharmacodynamics Model Of Recombinant Human Erythropoietin In Athletes
R.C. Schoemaker, J. Burggraaf & A.F. Cohen
Assessment Of Liver Blood Flow Using A Continuous Infusion Of A Drug With High Hepatic Clearance
Bruce NJ, Thomson AH, †Undre N, †Stadler P, Elliott HL.
Assessment Of Covariate Relationships In The Analysis Of The Population Pharmacokinetics Of Tacrolimus.
Janet R. Wade
Presentation Of Population Analyses For Regulatory Submissions
Laveille C. a), Le Coz F. b), Lerebours G. a), Resplandy G. a), and Jochemsen R. a)
Population Pharmacokinetics Of A New Bradycardic Agent In Healthy Male Volunteers: Influence Of Food And Time Of Administration
Farkad Ezzet & Jeffrey Eisele
Inter-Occasion Variation In The Bioavailability Of Benflumetol (An Anti Malarial Drug)
D.Santos Buelga; M.E.Mendez*; M.J.Garcma; M.Pardo*; A.C.Falcao**; A.Dominguez-Gil.
Population Pharmacokinetics Of Tobramycin In Neonates
P. Girard, L.B. Sheiner
A Population Markov Model For Analyzing Dose History
Pascal Maire, Roger W. Jelliffe, Xavier Barbaut, Nathalie Bleyzac, Bruno Charpiat, Christine Pivot, Eliane Vermeulen, Pierre Ducrozet, Marie-Aude Confesson, Alain Laffont,
Individualized Drug Therapy And Population Modeling
Mats O. Karlsson1, Tarja Naukkarinen1,2 and Hans Lennernds1
A Population PK/PD Model For The Anti-Parkinsonian Triple Therapy: Levodopa (Ld), Dopadecarboxylase (Ddc) Inhibitor And Catechol-O-Methyl Transferase (Comt) Inhibitor
E. Niclas Jonsson and Mats O. Karlsson
XPose - An S-Plus Based Model Building Aid For Population Analysis With Nonmem
France Mentre, Alain Mallet
Optimal Design In Population Pharmacokinetics
P.Milligan, M.Karlsson, D.Nichols
Experiences With CYP-2D6 Polymorphism In Clinical Drug Development
Nguyen L, Bastian G, Doz F, Urien S, Peng B, Chatelut E, Boddy AV, Newell DR, Rubie H, Houin G, Canal P
Prospective Evaluation Of A Formula To Predict Carboplatin Clearance In Children
N.J Rahman,J.C Wakefield,C.Falcoz,
Incorporation Of Population Pharmacokinetic Principles Into Drug Development
Willi Weber, Lutz Harnisch, Christian Rokitta, Jonathan Collins, H.-Juergen Roethig
Leflunomide Populationpharmacokinetics And Its Interaction With Activated Charcoal/Cholestyramine
Stuart Beal, Ph.D.
Simulating PK/PD Trials
Stuart Beal, Ph.D.
A Preview of NONMEM Version V
Dr. Guenther Strehlau
POPKAN Demonstration
Dr. Hariolf Schmid (1), Dr. G. Strehlau (2)
Probability Statements About Predicted Kinetic/Dynamic Profiles In Population Analyses
Roberto Gomeni
VISUAL-NM (Version 1.0)
Saïk Urien
MP2 (V 2.0) A Windows® Application For Population Pharmacokinetics
Marie Gårdmark, Mats O Karlsson and Margareta Hammarlund-Udenaes
A Pharmacokinetic Model For Morphine Incorporating Acute Tolerance And M3G Interactions
Farkad Ezzet
Population Pharmacokinetics Of Valsartan
T Bouillon MD, D Kietzmann MD*, I Meineke PhD**, R Port MD§, A Hoeft MD
Pharmacokinetics Of Piritramide In Patients Undergoing Elective Surgery
Vladimir Piotrovskij, Eric Snoeck, Achiel Van Peer
Liarozole Population Pharmacokinetics At The Steady State
C Pobel* - D Breilh+ - M C Saux+ - S Demare* - J N Parola
A Population Pharmacokinetic Study Of Ciprofloxacine Penetration In To Lung Tissue
ML McFadyen, MPMajola, R Nair*, M Govender*, H Laher*
The Relationship Of Phenytoin Concentrations To Gingival Hyperplasia
Z Hussein, C J Eaves, D B Hutchinson & C J Canfield1
Population Pharmacokinetics Of Proguanil In Patients With Acute P Falciparum Malaria After Combined Therapy With Atovaquone
C.Pobel* - E.Chatelut+ - B.Tranchand x - J.N. Parola* - S.Demare*
Neural Network Prediction Of Dose And PP Parameters Values From A Population Approach Point Of View: Some Examples And Comments
M. Tod and J.M. Rocchisani
Comparison Of ED, EID, API And Bayesian-API Criteria For The Robust Optimisation Of Sampling Times In Pharmacokinetics.