2015 - Hersonissos, Crete - Greece

PAGE 2015: Modelling using Bayesian Analysis
Sebastian Weber

Part II: Building Robust PK/PD Population Models with Bayesian Inference

Michael Betancourt (1) and Sebastian Weber (2)

(1) University of Warwick and (2) Novartis Pharma AG

Because clinical data is often limited in the number of patients or observations per patient, PK/PD analyses that don’t model the complexity in the data compromise our ability to make robust inferences, especially when trying to characterize variation amongst a population of patients. In this talk we will discuss how Bayesian inference is the natural framework for modeling these complexities and building robust PK/PD population models, ending with a contemporary example to demonstrate the power and clinical relevance of this approach.

Reference: PAGE 24 (2015) Abstr 3676 [www.page-meeting.org/?abstract=3676]
Oral: Modelling using Bayesian Analysis
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