2015 - Hersonissos, Crete - Greece

PAGE 2015: Targeting Ebola
Scott Berry

An Adaptive Platform Trial for Ebola: Application to Future Epidemics

Scott Berry

Berry Consultants

In this talk I will present an adaptive platform trial design for ebola. The trial design combines together the innovative trial aspects of platform trials (master protocols) and adaptive designs. The design allows multiple agents and their combinations to be studied simultaneously in a single trial. The trial utilizes adaptive randomization to efficiently find the most effective treatments and combinations for treating ebola. The design allows greatly increased ability to find the most effective treatments, while simultaneously treating patients in the trial effectively. The design is prospectively designed to add new/subtract agents and combinations seamless as the science inside and outside the trial evolves.

The trial design can provide a standing framework and trial design for a possible future pandemic – which can speed up the process of having incredibly efficient clinical trials immediately at the ready.

Reference: PAGE 24 (2015) Abstr 3671 [www.page-meeting.org/?abstract=3671]
Oral: Targeting Ebola
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