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COST-Bl Working Party on Population Approaches: L.Aarons(1), L.P.Balant(2), F.Mentre(3), P.L.Morselli(4), M.Rowland(1), J.-L.Steimer(5), and S.Vozeh(6)
Population Approaches in Drug Development: Report on an expert meeting to discuss population pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic software
Athanassios Iliadis
APIS : A software for clinical and experimental pharmacokinetics
Saik Urien
MicroPharm Population (MP2) - An interactive and user-friendly interfaced program for population pharmacokinetics.
Xavier Barbaut (1,2), Roger W. Jelliffe (2), Pascal Maire (1,2), Alan Schumitzky (2), Michael van Guilder (2), Bruno Charpiat (1)
NPEM2: A Nonparametric Program Useful For Clinical Uses : Both Population Pharmacokinetic Modeling, Leading To “Multiple Model” (MM) Adaptive Control
P-PHARM: A Population Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Data Modeling Software
Jon Wakefield
POPKAN - Population Pharmacokinetic Analysis using Bayesian Inference
Y. Merlé, F. Mentré, J. Gilles and A. Mallet.
The Nonparametric Maximum Likelihood Method (NPML)
Mats O. Karlsson
Stability Of Covariate Models
L. Claret, A. Iliadis.
Non-Parametric Density Estimation Applied To Population Studies
0. Petricoul(1,2), A. Iliadis(1), L. Claret(1). C. Puozzo(2)
Information Theory in Drug Development. Applications to a new antidepressant.
B.Charpiat(1), N.Laurent(1), J.M.Sab(2), V.Breant(1), C.Ducerf(3), S.Tigaud(4), D.Robert(2), R.W.Jelliffe(5)
Cyclosporine Population Pharmacokinetic Parameters In The Early Postoperative Hepatic Transplantation Phase: Preliminary Results
James Bennett and Jon Wakefield
Covariate Identification for Population Pharmacokinetic Modelling
S. Walker, J.C. Wakefield
Population analysis of a dose ranging study
E.M. Parker, M. Hutchison
Pharmacokinetics of Meropenem in pediatrics - NONMEM analysis
P Burtin (1,3), E Jacqz-Aigrain (1), P Girard (2)
Population pharmacokinetics of midazolam in neonates
Dinesh de Alwis(1), Leon Aarons(1) and Jonathan Palmer(2)
The Population Pharmacokinetics of Ondansetron from Phase 1 Studies
A.C.Falcao(1,2), M.M.Fernandez de Gatta, M.F.Delgado Iribarnegaray, D.Santos Buelga, M.J.Garcia, A.Dominguez-Gil, J.M.Lanao
Caffeine Pharmacokinetics In a Pediatric Population
C. Laveille Pharm.D., M. Malbezin M.D, D. Guez M.D., R. Jochemsen Ph.D.
Pharmacokinetics Of S-12024 By A Prospective Population Approach In Phase II.
Valérie Cosson, Pharm D(1), Pr Jean-Michel Scherrmann(2), ElianeFuseau,PhD(1)
Population Pharmacokinetics Of Oral Sumatriptan
S.F. Marshall, H.L. Elliott, P.A. Meredith.
A Population Approach to Dose Versus Response Relationship For Simvastatin in Hypertensive Hypercholesterolaemic Patients.
Lacey LF(1), Kler L.(2)
Effect of covariatcs on steady-state trough plasma bismuth concentrations from GR122311X in duodenal ulcer patients.
M. Tod, C. Pobel, O. Petitjean, N. Brion, J. Garcia-Mace
A Population Pharmacokinetic Study Of Alminoprofen Penetration Into Synovial Fluid
M.Tod, J.M. Rocchisani
Optimal Sampling Times Determination By Criteria Incorporating Knowledge Of Parameter Distribution In The Population
Niclas Jonsson, Janet R. Wade and Mats O. Karlsson
Comparison of Practical Sampling Strategies for Population Pharmacokinetic Studies
Lynne Evans, Leon Aarons
Use of the EM algorithm in population pharmacokinetic analysis
M.T. Mateu; J.J. Perez-Ruixo; V.G. Casabo; N.V. Jimenez
Estimation of Population Pharmacokinetic Parameters of Tobramycin in Intensive Care Unit Patients Using Different Programs
D. Breilh, C. Pobel, L. Lagagnier, P. Maire, M.C. Saux
Evaluation Of Bayesian Estimators For Adaptative Control Of Vancomycin Built With Two Methods Of Population Modeling
Markus Jerling(1) , Yann Merlé(2) , France Mentré(2) and Alain Mallet(2)
Population pharmacokinetics of nortriptyline at monotherapy and during concomitant treatment with drugs that inhibit CYP2D6; an evaluation with the nonparametric maximum likelihood method
Carl Peck, Tom Ludden
Pitfalls in Retrospective Analysis in Search of Concentration-Effect Relationships
Mats O. Karlsson(1,3), Stuart L. Beal(2) and Lewis B. Sheiner(1,2)
Three New Residual Error Models For Population PK/PD Analyses
J.R. Wade, PhD(1,2), S.L. Beal PhD(2) and N.C. Sambol, PharmD(2)
Interaction between structural, statistical and covariate models in population pharmacokinetic analysis
Jaap W Mandema(1), Davide Verotta(2), and Lewis B Sheiner(2,3)
Diagnostics For Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models
Y. Merlé and F. Mentré
Comparison of Bayesian Optimal Designs with Respect to Variations of the Population Characteristics. For a Pharmacokinetic and a Pharmacodynamic Model
Constantin Efthymiopoulos, PhD, Valérie Cosson, Pharm D, Alan Bye, PhD
The Use of NONMEM in Interspecies Allometric Scaling
Alan V. Boddy, Michael Cole, Peng Bin, Andrew D.J. Pearson and David R. Newell
A limited sampling model with Bayesian estimation to determine carboplatin pharmacokinetics in paediatrics
E Chatelut(1,2), V Brunner(1), C Chevreau(1), A Pujol(1), H Roché(1), V Paschel(1), G Houin(2), R Bugat(1,2), P Canal(1)
Carboplatin Population Pharmacokinetics
Dr Alan Bye, Head of Clinical Pharmacokinetics Department
Issues and Suggested Solutions in Drug Development
René Bruno, N. Vivier, J.C. Vergniol, G. Montay and L.B. Sheiner(1)
A Validation For A Population Pharmacokinetic Model For Docetaxel
Andrew P. Grieve
Combining Studies : Opportunities And Pitfalls
Jean-Louis Steimer, Marie-Eve Ebelin
Implementation of pharmacometric approaches into clinical drug development ? A prospective view
Lewis B. Sheiner, MD
The Future Place Of Modeling In Drug Development
Jon Wakefield
Review of methods