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C. Ambery (1), L. Aarons (1)
Population Pharmacokinetics and Response of ICL670 a Novel Oral Iron Chelator in Beta-Thalassaemia Patients
JS Barrett (1,4), A Zuppa (1,3), M Schreiner (5) and PC Adamson (1, 2, 4)
Esmolol Population Pharmacokinetics in Critically-ill, Pediatric Patients
JS Barrett, J Skolnik, MR Gastonguay and PC Adamson
The Value of Priors and Prior Uncertainty in Clinical Trial Simulation: Case Study with Actinomycin-D in Children with Cancer
E.Y.L. Blair(1), D.R. Mould(2), S.J. Clarke(3), L.P. Rivory(4), A.J. McLachlan(1)
Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Modelling of Raltitrexed in Patients with Advanced Solid Tumours
K. Brendel (1), E. Comets (1), C. Laveille (2), R. Jochemsen (2), F. Mentré (1)
Comparison of several prediction errors on concentrations for model evaluation
K.C. Carlsson (1), N.O. Hoem (2), T. Glauser (3), A. A. Vinks (4).
Can clinically useful population PK models for carbamazepine in pediatric epilepsy patients be developed based on routine therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) data?
A. Lanner (1), X. Xiaonian (1), T. Donovan (2), B. Charles (1)
Population Modelling of the Absolute Bioavailability and Pharmacokinetics of Phenobarbitone in Infants with Seizures
Jean-Eric Charoin(1), Philippe Jacqmin(2), Ludger Banken(3), Sian Lennon(4) and Karin Jorga(1)
Population Pharmacokinetic Analysis of Trastuzumab (Herceptin) following Long-Term Administration Using Different Regimens.
Xuejun Chen, Al Corey, Suresh Mallikaarjun, Steve Bramer
Population Pharmacodynamic Analysis of QTc Prolongation vs. Plasma Concentration
Emmanuelle Comets, France Mentré and François Gimenez
Cerebral uptake of mefloquine enantiomers with and without theP-gp inhibitor elacridar (GF1210918) in mice
C. Dansirikul(1), L.E. Friberg(1), S.B. Duffull(1), R.G. Morris(2), S.E. Tett(1)
Bayesian Population Pharmacokinetic Analysis of Sirolimus
C. Dartois (1), C. Laveille (2), B. Tranchand (1,3), M. Tod (4), P . Girard (1,5)
What is the Value of Uncertainty Parameter Estimates provided by Different Population PK Methods?
Filip De Ridder (1), An Vermeulen (2) and Vladimir Piotrovskij (2)
Modelling and simulation of the incidence of adverse events in clinical trials.
Michael G Dodds(1), Paolo Vicini(1), Jennifer E Visich(2) and Mark Rogge(2)
A Population PK Model for Recombinant Factor XIII in Congenitally Deficient Subjects
Michael G Dodds(1), Andrew C. Hooker(1) and Paolo Vicini(1)
Robust Population Pharmacokinetic Experiment Design
Aris Dokoumetzidis and Leon Aarons
Propagation of population pharmacokinetic information using a Bayesian approach
Duffull SB(1), Waterhouse TH(2), Redman S(1), Eccleston JA(2)
A real time optimal design for model discrimination and parameter estimation for itraconazole population pharmacokinetics
F. Fiorentini (2), M. Simeoni (1), I. Poggesi (2), G. Westerberg (2), M. Rocchetti (2)
An example of application of the population approach to toxicological studies.
L.E. Friberg, C. Dansirikul and S.B. Duffull
Simultaneous fit of competing models as a model discrimination tool in Bayesian analysis
C Segura1, E Bandrés2, I F Trocóniz1, J García-Foncillas2,O Sayar1, C Dios-Vieitez1, M J Renedo1, M J Garrido1
Modelling of the effect of Topotecan on B cell subsets in tumor bearing rats.
H. Jones(1), R. Gieschke(2)
Incorporating uncertainty and variability into PBPK based predictions of human PK
S. Gisbert, L. Aarons and M. Rowland.
Different approaches to the development of a WBPBPK model with a series of barbiturates using population modelling
Andy Grieve
Adaptive Designs : Bayesian & Non-Bayesian Approaches
Isabelle Pouliquen, Lutz Harnisch
A Population PK/PD Model for Cortisol Suppression
N.O. Hoem (1), P. Beringer (2)
A non-parametric (NPAG) population PK model of orally and intravenously administered linezolid.
N.Holford (1), P.Chan (1), J.Nutt (2)
Disease Progression in Parkinson’s Disease – Evidence for Protective Effects of Drug Treatment
Andrew Hooker, Michael G. Dodds, Paolo Vicini
Evaluating the predictive power of the Fisher information matrix in population optimal experimental design
F. Hourcade-Potelleret, C. Weber, B. Fotteler and N. Frey
Population PK Analysis in Sparse Data and Flexible Sampling Time Conditions
Dymphy Huntjens (1), Anne Chain (1), David Spalding (2), Meindert Danhof (1) and Oscar Della Pasqua(1,3)
Population semi-parametric modelling of the pharmacokinetics of rofecoxib in rats
Daniel M. Jonker (1), Derek Leishman (2), Rob Wallis (2), Peter E. Milligan (2) and E. Niclas Jonsson
Development and validation of a mechanism-based PK/PD model for the in vitro-in vivo prediction of QT prolongation by dofetilide
E. Niclas Jonsson
Graphical display of population data
H.M. Jones(1), K. Jorga(2), T. Lavé(1)
PK extrapolation from animal to man: the good, the bad and the ugly. An overview of the performance of different methods applied across the project portfolio at Roche
H. Silber (1), P. Stetina (1), B. McHugh (2), R. Gieschke (2), N. Frey (2), P. Vicini (3), U.S.H. Simonsson (1), M.O. Karlsson (1)
A disease model for the regulation of the glucose-insulin system
CMJ Kirkpatrick(1), SB Duffull(1), ML Barclay(2), N Patton(3), GA Moore(4), MP Doogue( 1)
Population pharmacokinetic analysis of high-dose oral busulphan for bone marrow transplant in adults and children
Maria C. Kjellsson, Mats O. Karlsson
Fitting Proportional Odds model to Ordered Categorical Data using the NLMIXED Procedure
I. Knutsson (1), L. Aarons (2), S.Callies (3)
Bayesian analysis of a patient dataset using prior information from normal volunteers and from another patient group
Holger Kraiczi (1), Marianne Frisén (2)
Effect of Uncertainty About Population Parameters on Pharmacodynamics-Based Prediction of Clinical Trial Power - A Method for Sensitivity Analysis
Niels Rode Kristensen
A Deconvolution Method for Linear and Nonlinear Systems based on Stochastic Differential Equations
Niels Rode Kristensen
Using Stochastic Differential Equations for PK/PD Model Development
E Lamont (1), AH Thomson (2,3), M Dawber (2), L Semple (4), E Bell (4), RA Seaton (4)
Population Pharmacokinetics of Teicoplanin in Outpatient Home Parenteral Antibiotic Therapy (OHPAT)
Marc Lavielle(1) and the Monolix research group(2)
SAEM in MATLAB: an alternative to linearization
R. H. Leary (1), R. Jelliffe (2), A. Schumitzky (2), R.E. Port (3)
Accurate Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Parametric Population Analysis
T. Lehr (1), C. Tillmann (2), A. Staab (2), D. Trommeshauser (2), H.G. Schaefer (2), C. Kloft (1)
Clock time as a control variable for gall bladder emptying in an enterohepatic circulation model
A. Lemenuel-Diot (1,2), C. Laveille( 2), N.Frey (2), R. Jochemsen (2), A. Mallet (1)
Mixture Modelling for the Detection of Subpopulations in a Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic analysis
C. Lia Liefaard (1), Bart A. Ploeger (1,2), Carla F.M. Molthoff (3), Ronald Boellaard (3), Adriaan A. Lammertsma (3), Meindert Danhof (1,2), Rob A. Voskuyl (1,4)
Application of Population Pharmacokinetic Analysis for Quantification of in vivo Binding Properties in the Rat Brain by Positron Emission Tomography
K.H. Liesenfeld, EU. Gräfe-Mody, A. Staab, H.G. Schaefer
Population pharmacokinetics of a new anticoagulant drug in clinical development
Lars Lindbom, Pontus Pihlgren and E. Niclas Jonsson
PsN Toolkit, a collection of computer intensive methods for population PK/PD
John C Lukas(1), Martina Samiotaki(2), Maria Kontou(2), Rosario Calvo(3), Panos Macheras(1), Tasos Zografidis(3), Georgios Kyriakides(4)
The cytochrome P450 3AP1 variant genotype shows correlation with the true clearance in a renal transplant population
Hugo Maas, Meindert Danhof, Oscar Della Pasqua
Comparison of sumatriptan and naratriptan using a markov model approach
Al Maloney
Using SAS for non-linear mixed modelling – An overview
B. Mc Hugh, N. Frey
Population PK and PK/PD Analyses of an Enzyme Inhibitor in Healthy Volunteers
K. Ogungbenro, G. Graham and L. Aarons
The Design of Population Pharmacokinetic Studies: Sample Size Determination
R. V. Overgaard(1,2), E. N. Jonsson(3), C. W. Tornøe(4), H. Madsen(2)
Non-Linear Mixed Effects Models with Stochastic Differential Equations - Implementation of an Estimation Algorithm
Perez-Ruixo, JJ; Kimko, HC; Chow, A; Piotrovskij, V
NONMEM Implementation of Cell Lifespan Models for Hematological Drug Effects
M. Pfister, S. Krishnaswami, S. Rohatagi
Characterization of Cortisol Circadian Rhythm and Lack of Cortisol Suppression by a New Corticosteroid, Ciclesonide
V. Piotrovsky(1), G. Kopia(2), G.W. Vetrovec(3), D. Rizik(4), David Snead(2)
Population pharmacokinetic analysis of concentration data after implantation of sirolimus-eluting Bx Velocity stent in patients
B. Ploeger(2), N. Houwing(1), A. Bom(3), M.P. van Iersel(1), D. Zollinger(1), M. Danhof(2)
The reversal of rocuronium-induced neuromuscular block by the cyclodextrin ORG25969: model development and validation
Poggesi I (1), Simeoni M (2), Germani M(1), De Nicolao G(2), Rocchetti M(1)
Population modeling of tumor growth in untreated xenografted mice
Willem de Winter (1), Teun Post (1), Joost DeJongh (1,2), Richard Urquhardt(3), Ian Moules (3), David Eckland (3) and Meindert Danhof (1,2)
A Mechanistic Disease Progression Model for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Pioglitazone Treatment Effects
Sylvie Retout, Emmanuelle Comets and France Mentré
Comparison between the Fedorov-Wynn algorithm and the Simplex algorithm for population designs optimisation using a model of the HIV viral load decrease
Jakob Ribbing and E. Niclas Jonsson
Learning about Covariate Relations in the Patient Population Based on Data from Multiple Studies – Consequences of Different Approaches
Annick Rousseau, Aurélie Prémaud, Pierre Marquet
Modeling the complex pharmacokinetic profiles of cyclosporin and of mycophenolate observed in the early post-transplantation period.
Adeline Samson (1), Marc Lavielle (2) and France Mentré (1)
Stochastic Approximation EM algorithm in nonlinear mixed effects models: an evaluation by simulation
Radojka Savic(1), Daniël M. Jonker(1), Thomas Kerbusch(2), Mats O. Karlsson(1)
Evaluation of a transit compartment model versus a lag time model for describing drug absorption delay
O. Sayar(1), L. Bueno(1), M.J. Garrido(1), F. Rombout(2), I.F. Trocóniz(1)
Comparison of different models to describe simultaneously the kinetics of parent drug and metabolites after oral administration.
Simeoni M (1), Poggesi I (2), Germani M(2), De Nicolao G(1), Rocchetti M(2).
Population modeling of tumor growth inhibition in vivo: application to anticancer drug development
Michael K. Smith(1), Mark F. Morris(1), Ieuan Jones(1), Andy P. Grieve(1), Keith Tan(2)
An adaptive design for dose-response using the Normal Dynamic Linear Model.
Michael K. Smith(1), Scott Marshall(2), John Huggins(2).
A Bayesian design and analysis for dose-response using informative prior information
C. W. Tornøe (1,2,3), H. Agersø (1), R. V. Overgaard (2), H. A. Nielsen (2), H. Madsen (2), E. N. Jonsson (3)
Stochastic differential equations in NONMEM
I.F. Trocóniz (1), M.J. Garrido (1), and F. Rombout (2)
Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Modelling of the Analgesic Effects of Tramadol in the Paediatric Population
M Valle, M Yritia, R Antonijoan, G Urbano, MR Ballester, MJ Barbanoj
Population pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modeling of the possible tolerance development after a single oral dose of different BZD-GABAa agonists.
Vermeulen, An; Piotrovsky, Vladimir and De Ridder, Filip
Modeling the occurrence of orthostasis using a longitudinal logistic regression model
Sandra A.G. Visser (1), Björn Sällström (1), Tomas Forsberg (2), Svante B. Ross (3), Lambertus A. Peletier (4) and Johan Gabrielsson (1)
Modeling of drug- and system-related changes in body temperature: application to drug-induced hypothermia, long-lasting tolerance development and diurnal variation in body temperature
E. Tousset (1), C. Reners (1) & B. Vrijens (1-2)
Identifying and minimizing major sources of variability in population pharmacokinetic studies
Willi Weber, Diether Rueppel, Heiner Speth
Comparing efficacy of 10mg vs 20mg ARAVA in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis: A Population PK / PD Analysis
Justin J Wilkins (1), Grant Langdon (1), Helen McIlleron (1), Goonaseelan Pillai (2), Peter J Smith (1) and Ulrika SH Simonsson (3)
A population pharmacokinetic-enzyme model for rifampicin autoinduction and bimodal absorption in pulmonary tuberculosis patients
James Wright
Adaptive dose-finding in two-dimensions: A phase 1 oncology example
A.S. Zandvliet(1,2), A.D.R. Huitema(1,2), M.E. de Jonge(1,2), R. den Hoed(3), R.W. Sparidans(3), V.M. Hendriks(4,7), W. van den Brink(5,7), J.M. van Ree(6,7), J.H. Beijnen(1,2,3)
Population pharmacokinetics of caffeine and its metabolites theobromine, paraxanthine and theophylline after inhalation in combination with diacetylmorphine
Matthew L. Zierhut(1), Mark C. Peterson(2), Marc R. Gastonguay(3), Steven W. Martin(2), Paolo Vicini(1), Pirow J. Bekker(2), Donna Holloway(2), Philip T. Leese(4)
Development and Evaluation of a Population PK/PD Model for Fc-OPG in Healthy Postmenopausal Women
Pieter Janssen(1,2), Nicolaas H. Prins(2), Pieter J. Peeters(2), Klaas P. Zuideveld(3) and Romain A. Lefebvre(1)
Quantification of 5-HT7 receptor efficacy distribution throughout the canine stomach using the operational model of agonism.