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   Paris, France

Information indexes for exploratory data analysis in population pharmacokinetics

P.Baille-Albert (1), O.Petricoul (1), E.Fuseau (1), A.Iliadis (2)

(1) EMF Consulting France, CEEI Provence, Aix-en-Provence (2) EA-3286, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Méditerranée, Marseille

Indexes derived from information theory were used to select the most appropriate model for the statistical distribution, to detect atypical individuals, and to screen influential covariates. These indexes could be complementary tools to the existing statistical and graphical techniques for population pharmacokinetic data analysis. Applied to explore observational data, the information indexes were used on the individual empirical Bayes estimates obtained in one-stage data analysis by the nonlinear mixed effect model. The rationale for using these indexes is shown using validation data for a drug under development.