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Leon Aarons, Mats Karlsson, France Mentré, Ferdinand Rombout, Jean-Louis Steimer and Achiel van Peer.
Role of modelling and simulation in Phase I drug development
Stuart Beal
Things you may have wanted to ask about the $ESTIMATION record but have been hesitant to ask
Didier Concordet
Checking departure from normality of the random effect
Stephen Duffull1,2, France Mentré3, Leon Aarons1
Optimal Design Of A Population Pharmacodynamic Experiment
David Giltinan
Population PK/PD Modeling In Drug Development: A Case Study
Pascal Girard1,2, Silvy Laporte-Simitsidis3, Sylvie Chabaud1
Multilevel nested random effect model implementation
Roberto Gomeni, Vincenzo Teneggi, Laura Iavarone, Lisa Squassante, and Alan Bye.
Population PK/PD Of Craving Symptoms In An Enforced Smoking Cessation Population: Probabilistic And Indirect Modelling Approach.
Mentré F, Escolano S
Validation Methods In Population Pharmacokinetics: A New Approach Based On Predictive Distributions With An Evaluation By Simulation
Sylvie Retout1, France Mentré1 & René Bruno2
Optimal population designs for enoxaparin pharmacokinetics: evaluation by simulation
Rik C. Schoemaker, I. Ruys-Dudok van Heel, M.M.J. van der Vorst, J.E. Kist-van Holthe tot Echten, J. Burggraaf & A.F. Cohen.
In Search of an Optimal Furosemide Infusion Strategy in Children after Cardiac Surgery Using Modelling and Simulation
Alison H Thomson
Population Pharmacokinetics in Paediatric Patients; the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Iñaki F. Trocóniz1, Santos Armenteros2, María V. Planelles3, Ju lio Benítez4, Rosa Domínguez2
Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Modeling of the Antipyretic Effect of Two Oral Formulations of Ibuprofen: Suspension and Effervescent Granules
B. Vrijens and E. Goetghebeur
The impact of patient compliance in pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic studies
Paul J. Williams
The Application of Resampling Methods to Population Pharmacokinetic Modeling
Yoshitaka Yano, Stuart Beal, Lewis B. Sheiner
Evaluating Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Models Using The Posterior Predictive Check
Peregrina-Lucano A.A.1,2, Martín-Suárez A.1, García L.R.2, González M.H.2, Garcia M.J.1, Lanao J.M.1
Comparative study of NONMEM and WinNonMix in the population pharmacokinetics of benznidazol
Eugène Cox, Eric Snoeck & Jaap Mandema
Population pharmacodynamic model for count data: Application to clinical trial simulations for compound PH2000 for the improvement of the number of satisfying events.
Frey, N., Laveille, C. and Jochemsen, R.
Effect of Quinidine on the Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of a CYP2D6 substrate (S-YYYY) via mixed-effect modelling
Oscar Della Pasqua and Alan Maloney
When baseline matters. The presence of bias and inaccuracy in population parameter estimates derived from
John C. Lukas1, George L. Drusano2, Paolo Vicini1
Comparison of covariate models for Bayesian posterior pharmacokinetic parameter estimates from NONMEM with those from a n onparametric approach: Application to levofloxacin.
C. Della Pepa, M. Costa#, R. Canaparo, L. Serpe, GP. Zara, F. Casale, E. Berno and M. Eandi.
Analysis Of 5-Fu And Three Metabolites Concentration In Plasma Cancer Patients By Bayesian Autoclassificatio N Method.
Willi Weber, Lutz Harnisch
Learnings from a Population Pharmacokinetic Substudy of a Large Phase III Trial
J. A. Simpson1,2, R. Price1,3, F. ter Kuile3,4, P. Teja-Isavatharm5, F. Nosten1,2,3, T. Chongsuphajaisiddhi2, S. Looareesuwan2, L. Aarons5, N. J. White1,2
Population Pharmacokinetics of Mefloquine in patients with acute falciparum malaria
Michael Becka
An approach to non-linear kinetics using first-order characteristics
Michael Becka
An approach to non-linear kinetics using first-order characteristics
C Terret, E Erdociain, R Guimbaud, T Lafont, R Bugat, P Canal, E Chatelut
Inter- and intra-patient variabilities of Michaelis-Menten parameters of 5-fluorouracil
Georg Hempel 1,2, Nina Griese1,2, Petra Schulze Westhoff1, Dirk Reinhardt1, Ursula Creutzig1 and Joachim Boos1
Pharmacokinetics of Daunorubicin after Application of Liposomal Daunorubicin (Daunoxome®) in Children
Y.Merlé(1) and M. Tod(2)
Impact Of Model Linearization On The Accuracy Of Population Information Matrix And Optimal Design
Valle M, Drover D, Angst M, Verotta D.
Semi-Parametric Approach To Describe Hydromorphone Plasma Concentrations After The Administration Of Immediate And Controlled-Release Formulations
Emmanuelle Comets (1), France Mentré (1), Ryosei Kawai (2), Peter Marbach (2) and Jacky Vonderscher (2).
Evaluation of tests based on individual versus population modelling to compare dissolution curves
Vladimir K. Piotrovsky, Achiel Van Peer
Cardiovascular Safety Data Analysis via Mixed-Effects Modelling
Vladimir K. Piotrovsky, Achiel Van Peer
Separating Responders and Non-responders Using A Mixture of Distributions: An Example of Count Response
M.J. Garrido1, M van den Haak, M Danhof and P-H van der Graaf2
Population Pharmacokinetics of the Low-Efficacy  Opioid receptor Agonists: Butorphanol and Nalbuphine
Mangues MA1, Trocóniz IF2, Soy D3, Alba G1, García M1, Ginovart G4.
Population Pharmacokinetics of Gentamicin in Neonates
Ho-Nguyen T.X.Q1., Girard P2.,Chabaud S2., Munafo A1.
Population pharmacokinetic analysis of recombinant human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (Ovidrel) compared with that of urinary human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (Profasi) in women undergoing superovulation
Ulrika Wählby, E. Niclas Jonsson and Mats O. Karlsson
Assessment of actual significance levels for covariate model building using NONMEM
G. Graham1, I. Nestorov1, L. Aarons2
Application Of Optimal Design For Categorical Pharmacodynamic Measures In Clinical Trials.
E Capparelli, J Connor, J Lane, Ja Englund, P Palumbo, C Baker and PAGTG 152 Team.
Population Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Zidovudine HIV Infected Infants and Children
J.A. Dowell, Ph.D., S.P. King, Ph.D., H.Liu, Ph.D., M.S. Berger, M.D., and J.M. Korth-Bradley, Pharm.D., Ph.D.
A Population Pharmacokinetic Analysis Of A New Antibody Chemotherapeutic Agent: Gemtuzumab Ozogamicin.
Roger W. Jelliffe1 and David S. Bayard2
An Interactive Multiple Model (Imm) Estimation Approach To Updating Posteriors In Pharmocokinetic Models Having Changing Parameter Values
S. Jönsson* and M.O. Karlsson
A Strategy For Selection Of Dose Sizes And Dosing Algorithm Based On A Real Data Example
R.A.A. Mathôt1, R.P.G. van Heeswijk1, H.J. Scherpbier2, L.A. de Koning3, H.S.A. Heymans2, J.M.A. Lange3, J.H. Beijnen1, R.M.W. Hoetelmans1
Population Pharmacokinetics Of Nelfinavir In HIV-1-Infected Children
Charlotte van Kesteren1, Ron A.A. Mathôt1, Luis López-Lázaro2, Esteban Cvitkovic3, Jose M. Jimeno2, Jos H. Beijnen1
Population pharmacokinetics of the novel marine derived anti-cancer agent Ecteinascidin 743 in a phase I study using non-linear mixed effects modelling.
Use of Phase I PK/PD results in design and analysis of Clinical trials with Sparse data
Ken-ichi Sako , Kimikazu Shinozaki
Application of population approach to TDM services and educational programs
E. Niclas Jonsson, Lars Lindbom, Jakob Ribbing and Mats O. Karlsson
Perl-speaks-NONMEM (PsN) - a perl library of support functions for NONMEM related programming.
M. de Hoog1,2,, A.A.T.M.M. Vinks4, R.C. Schoemaker2,3, J.N. van den Anker1,2
Pharmacokinetic modeling of tobramycin in neonates: a comparison of NONMEM and NPEM2
Pérez-Ruixo, JJ; Casabó, VG; Merino, M; Llopis, MC; Jiménez, NV.
Population Pharmacokinetic And Pharmacodynamic Of Cyclophosphamide In Breast Cancer.
Martín-Suárez A1, Falcao AC2, Outeda M 3, Mora F4, González MC5, Quero M5, Arranz I4, Lanao JM1
Kinetic behaviour of digoxin in a paediatric population
LJ Van Obbergh, A Robert, F Veyckemans, F Roelants, RK Verbeeck.
Population Pharmacokinetics Of Ropivacaine Injected Caudally In Infants And Children