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S. Chabaud(1,2), P. Girardd(1,2), P. Nony(1,2), JP. Boissel(1,2) and THERMOS group(3)
Use of a Therapeutic Model for Simulating Phase III Clinical Trials of a New Bradycardic Agent
A.C. Davison
Bootstrap Methods
Stephen Duffull(1), Leon Aarons(1) and the THERMOS group(2).
Development of a Linked Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Simulation Model for Ivabradine in Healthy Volunteers
Gilles Freyer(1), Brigitte Tranchand(2), Blandine Ligneau(1), Claude Ardiet(2), Pierre-Jean Souquet(3), Isabelle Court-Fortune(3), Robert Riou(3), Paul Rebattu(4), Véronique Trillet-Lenoir(1,6), Jean-Pierre Boissel(5,6), Pascal Girard(5,6).
Population Pharmacokinetic Parameters of Doxorubicin, Ifosamide and Etoposide in Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients
R. Gomeni(1), I. Cognet(1) and F. Servin(2)
Population Analysis (NONMEM) using a Concentration-to-Event Approach to Evaluate the Propofol Anaesthesia Induction Strategy using a Target Controlled Infusion (TCI) System: Diprifusor TCI
Gordon Graham, Leon Aarons
Optimal Design for Categorical Data
R Jelliffe(1), A Schumitzky(1), D Bayard(1), M Van Guilder(1), X Wang(1), M Milman(1), S Leonov(1), R Leary(2), P Maire(3), X Barbaut(3), and S Lecoq(3)
Population PK/PD Modeling and Optimal Drug Dosage
E. Niclas Jonsson1,2 and Lewis B. Sheiner2
Quantifying Non-Standard Evidence for Drug Approval
Byron Jones
Constructing optimal designs for fitting pharmacokinetic models
MO Karlsson, RC Schoemaker, B Kemp, A Cohen, J van Gerven, M Danhof
A Pharmacodynamic Markov Mixed Effect Model for Temazepams Effect on Sleep
Peter A. Milligan1, Scott F. Marshall1, Mats O. Karlsson2
A Population Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Analysis of Sildenafil Phase III Data
Per Olsson Gisleskog1 & Mats O Karlsson2
The Use of Priors in NONMEM Population Analysis
M. Tod
Robust optimal design for hyperparameter estimation
Janet R. Wade(1) and Mats O. Karlsson(2)
Combining PK and PD data during population PK/PD analysis
Andanson M.(1,2), Girard P.(1) , Chabaud S.(1) , Charpiat B.(2), Fourcade N.(3), Ducerf C.(4)
Population Pharmacokinetic Study of Tacrolimus in Liver Transplanted Patients
C Chauvet (1), S Rochegude(1), N Bleyzac(1,2), P Maire(2), G Putet(3), G Aulagner(1).
Bayesian Monitoring of Vancomycin Concentrations in Newborns: Choice of the Optimal Covariate of Elimination
E Chatelut, L Rostaing, N Grégoire, J-L Payen, A Pujol, J Izopet, G Houin, and P Canal
A Pharmacokinetic Model for Alpha Interferon Administered Subcutaneously
S. Corvaisier1, B. Charpiat 1, G. Leboucher 1, M. Wallon 2, M. Al Kurdi 2, F. Peyron 2, C. Mounier3, and J.F. Chaulet 3.
Population pharmacokinetic in ambulatory new-borns treated with long elimination half-time drugs for chronic asymptomatic infectious disease. Which blood sampling design and data collection process to adopt ?
S. Corvaisier (1), N. Bleyzac (2), P. Maire (1,3).
Influence of Errors in Data Collection on Estimated Population Pharmacokinetic Parameter Values and Proposed a Priori Dosage Regimen
V. Cosson, R. Jochemsen, M. Dubar, J.M. Delbos, H. Merdjan.
Simulation, a Tool for Designing the Suitable Formulation: Example of S 18326
Marie Cullberg1), Ulf Eriksson1), Mats Karlsson2)
Population Modelling of the Effect of Inogatran on ex vivo Coagulation Time (APTT) in Healthy Males and Patients
Dinesh P. de Alwis, Iñaki F. Troconiz*, Christiane Tillmann and Hans G. Schaefer
Population PK/PD Modelling of Moxonidine in Hypertensive Patients using Manual and 24h-Ambulatory Blood Pressure Data
Dinesh de Alwis and Leon Aarons
Comparison of Model Dependent and Independent Population Pharmacokinetic Analyses
C. Dubruc, S. Chaufour, P. Rosenzweig, J.P. Thenot and F. Mentré*
Population Pharmacokinetic Analysis of Mizolastine in Children 6 to 12 Years Old using NONMEM
T. Funaki
Enterohepatic circulation model for population pharmacokinetic analysis
MJ García1, D Santos Buelga1, A Blázquez2, A Torregrosa2, J Manzanares2, P Urruzuno2, E Medina2, and C Manzanares2
Population Pharmacokinetics of Tacrolimus in Pediatric Liver Transplant Patients under Rescue Therapy
R. Gieschke, B. Reigner, J.-L. Steimer
Capecitabine Population Pharmacokinetics of Combined Sparse Data from Phase II Breast Cancer Patients and Extensive Data from a Bioequivalence Study
P. Girard, F. Varret
A Population Model for Compliance and Drop-out Model for Once a Day Regimen in Depressed Patients
Georg Hempel1,2, Christiane Eickhoff3, Charlotte Kloft3, Ulrich Jaehde4
Comparison of Three Methods to Analyse the Population Pharmacokinetics of High-Dose Carboplatin in Patients with Testicular Carcinoma
Fredrik Jonsson1, Gunnar Johanson1, 2, and Frédéric Y Bois3
Applying a Population Model to Physiologically Based Modeling of Human Exposure to Dichloromethane Vapor using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulations
S. Jönsson and M.O. Karlsson
A Rational Approach for Establishing Dosing Algorithms in Renal Impairment
Mats. O. Karlsson, Sima Sadray and E.Niclas Jonsson
Likelihood-based Diagnostics for Influential Individuals in Non-Linear Mixed Effects Model Selection
Lanao JM, Atencio DR, Martín-Suárez A, Méndez ME*, López FG, Zarzuelo A
Study of the Digoxin-Acenocoumarol Interaction in Patients using Population Pharmacokinetics
Llopis MC(1,3), Pérez-Ruixo JJ(1), Medina C(1), Azagra P(2), Casabó VG(2); Jiménez NV(1,3).
Population Pharmacokinetics of High Dose of Cyclophosphamide in High Risk Breast Cancer Patients
Harry Mager
PK/PD Modelling: The Problem Of Chance Correlations In Population Pharmacokinetics
France Mentré1, John Kovarik2 , Christophe Gerbeau2
Constructing a Prediction Interval for Time to Reach a Threshold Concentration Based on a Population Pharmacokinetic Analysis: an Application to Basiliximab in Renal Transplantation
Y.Merlé1, J.M. Tré Luyer2 and G.Pons2
Population Analysis of Pediatric Pharmacokinetic Data of Netilmicin Accounting for Dilution Errors Before Infusion
Stéphane Mouly(1), Saik Urien(2), Jean-Paul Tillement(2), Jean-François Bergmann(1), and Charles Caulin(1)
Population Pharmacokinetics of Oral Gancyclovir In 42 HIV-Infected Patients With and Without Diarrhea
O. Petricoul, E. Fuseau.
Meta-Analysis of the Exposure/Efficacy Relationship for Sumatriptan Nasal Spray
B. Vrijens and E. Goetghebeur
The impact of Compliance in Population Pharmacokinetic (PK)/ Pharmacodynamic (PD) Modeling
Willi Weber, Lutz Harnisch
Application of Dose Response Modeling to anti-Rheumatic Leflunomide Therapy
Ulrika Wählby, E. Niclas Jonsson and Mats O. Karlsson
Determination of Inclusion Frequency of False Covariate Relationships in Population Modelling
G. Würthwein(1), S. Krümpelmann(2), J. Boos(1)
Population Pharmacokinetic Approach to Compare Oral and IV Administration of Etoposide
A. Mallet
Non-parametric methods for continuous and binary variables in population PK/PD.
M. Looby
Characterisation of dose response in early drug development: A case study
Barry Jones