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1Per Olsson, 1David Hermann, 2Margareta Hammarlund-Udenaes, 2Mats O Karlsson
A Population PK/PD model for the irreversible inhibition of 5alpha-reductase types 1 and 2, and the effects on plasma dihydrotestosterone levels.
Rik de Greef1, Helen Kastrissios PhD, Jean-Michel Gries PharmD,PhD, Lewis B. Sheiner, MD, Terrence F. Blaschke MD.
The Use Of Compliance Data In The Analysis Of A Clinical Trial Of Antiretroviral Drugs In HIV+ Individuals
Namik Taright, France Mentré and Alain Mallet
Non-Stationarity Of Kinetic Parameters In Multi-Occasion Designs
Jixian Wang
Two-Stage Procedures For The Analysis Of Cross-Over Trials Using Pharmacokinetic And Pharmacodynamic Models
C. Veyrat-Follet1,2, E. Fuseau1, R. Farinotti1, J.L. Palmer2
Is Ipecac Model a good predictor of concentration-efficacy response to Ondansetron in patients?
Stuart Beal, Ph.D
Analyzing Odd Type Data Using NONMEM
Adrian Dunne
Population Analysis of Ordinal Categorical Data.
Jon Wakefield, Dave Lunn, Nicky Best, David Spiegelhalter
The Bayesian Approach To Categorical Responses
Etienne Chatelut, Alan V. Boddy, François Doz
Subsequent Developments Of Formulas Designed For Predicting Carboplatin Clearance In Adults And In Children
Michael Cole, Herbie Newell, Andrew Pearson, John Matthews, Alan Boddy
Population Pharmacokinetics Of Etoposide In Children.
J.-L. Steimer, B. Fotteler, R. Gieschke, N. Buss, F. Hoffmann-La Roche
Mixed-Effects Modelling Of The Dose-AUC Relationship Of Saquinavir Single Dose In Healthy Subjects
David J. Lunn & Leon Aarons
The pharmacokinetics of saquinavir: a Markov chain, Monte Carlo population analysis
C. Anthony Hunt, Serge Guzy and Daniel L. Weiner
A Paradigm For Validating Methodologies To Simulate Clinical Trials Validation Of Pharmacodynamic Predictions
Nicky Best, Andrew Thomas, David Lunn, Jon Wakefield and David Spiegelhalter
New Developments In The BUGS Software For Bayesian Modelling
Gomeni R.(1), Mallet A.(2) and Gomeni C
NPML-Fit: A Graphical Nonparametric Population Modelling Program
Niclas Jonsson and Mats Karlsson
XPose 2.0 - An S-Plus Based Population Model Building Aid For NONMEM
Milligan P.1, Karlsson M.2, Nichols D.
Experiences With Genotype And Phenotype Information In Mixed Effects Modelling
Niclas Jonsson
Covariate Model Building In Population Analysis
Lutz Harnisch, Willi Weber,Hoechst Marion Roussel
The Estimation Of Drug-Drug Interactions In Population Pharmacokinetic Trials
K. E. Fattinger and D. Verotta
The Estimation Of Drug Input Rate Functions By Nonparametric Subject-Specific Population Deconvolution
Pascal Girard
Under-Compliance And Population Pharmacokinetics
Mats O. Karlsson, E. Niclas Jonsson, Curtis Wiltse and Janet R. Wade
Assumption Testing In Population Pharmacokinetic Models
Aarons, L. and Gupta, S. K
A Mixed-Effects Modelling Approach To The Analysis Of Verapamil-GITS Blood Pressure Data
N. Bleyzac1,2 , F. Vial1 , B. Allard-Latour1 , J. Mouret1 , R W. Jelliffe2 , P. H. Maire1,2
Contribution Of Nonparametric Population Pharmacokinetic Software To The Determination Of Diurnal Variations Of Drug Pharmacokinetic Parameters
Dubruc C, *Mesnil F, Thenot JP, *Mentré F.
Population Pharmacokinetic Analysis Of Mizolastine In Healthy Young Volunteers And Allergic Patients Using NONMEM
M.-E. Ebelin1, F. Mentré2, P. Burtin1, R. Laplanche3 1
Pharmacokinetic Population Analysis Of SDZ ENA 713 And Its Metabolite In Patients; Relationships With Efficacy, Safety And Tolerability
Frey, N., Laveille, C., Kiefer, Ph., Laudignon, N. And Jochemsen, R.
Population Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics Of A New Formulation Of Gliclazide In 224 Type 2 Diabetics.
Garcia MJ, Santos Buelga D, Otero MJ, Serrano J, Blanco B, Dominguez-Gil A
Population Pharmacokinetics: Effect Of Polytherapy On Valproic Acid Clearance
Niclas Jonsson and Mats Karlsson
Covariate Model Building In Population Analysis Using A Bootstrap Resampling Procedure
Khan, A.Z.1, Pitsiu, M.1, Aarons, L.A2, Parivar, K.3, Widman, M3
Population Pharmacokinetic Analysis Of Eltanolone
Per Larsson, Eva Weibull, Astra Draco AB, Lund, Sweden, Søren Pedersen, Lone Agertoft,
Estimation Of Bioavailability Using A Semi-Simultaneous Design
Laveille, C., Frey, N., Lerebours, G., Resplandy, G. And Jochemsen, R
Population Pharmacokinetics-Pharmacodynamics Of A New Specific Bradycardic Agent (S 16257) And Its Metabolite (S 18982) Evaluation Of The Drug/Metabolite Potency Ratio
Modamio P, Jansat JM, Lastra CF, Mariño EL
Change In The Analytical Error Function Depending On The Calibration Curve Range: Implications For Pharmacokinetic Parameter Estimation Of Carebastine.
V. Piotrovskij, V. Van de Velde, A. Van Pee
Population Analysis Of Lubeluzole Pharmacokinetics In Healthy Volunteers And Patients With Ischaemic Stroke
M. du Preez1, J. Botha1, and L. McFadyen2
A Count Model For Analysing PK/PD Data For Theophylline In Neonatal Apnoea
Silvia Romano, A.C. Falcao Mª. del Mar Fdz. de Gatta, Mª. Victoria Calvo, Mª. Eugenia Méndez, Alfonso Domínguez-Gil, José M. Lanao
Pharmacokinetics of amikacin in intensive care unit patients: population analysis.
M. Rosario1,4, C.A. Sharp2, D.I. Jodrell3, A.H. Thomson1
Population Pharmacokinetics Of Gentamicin In Oncology Patients
A. Rostami-Hodjegan, GT Tucker
On estimating half-life using population pharmacokinetics
Lee P. Topping and Dr. Nicholas T. Longford
An Alternative Definition Of Individual Bioequivalence
Tranchand B1, Pobel C2, Ardiet CJ1, Parola JN2, Ménard G2
Pharmacokinetic-Dynamic Modelling Of Neutropenic Effect Of Melphalan Using NONMEM Associated With A Cubic Spline Function
Iñaki F. Trocóniz1,2, Tarja Naukkarinen 3,4, Mats O. Karlsson4
Population Pharmacodynamic Modelling of Levodopa in Parkinsonian Patients Receiving the COMT Inhibitor Entacapone