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L Aarons(1) , LP Balant(2) , F Mentre(3) , PL Morselli(4) , M Rowland(1) , J-L Steimer(5) , S Vozeh(6)
Practical Experience and Issues in Designing and Performing Population Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Studies
J. Bennet(1) , LF.Lacey(2) , K. Koch(3) , A. Bye(2)
Determination of the Population Pharmacokinetics of Bismuth from GR122311X in Healthy Volunteers using the Gibbs Sampler Bayesian Method.
D. Breilh, C. Pobel, M.C. Saux
Non Linear Pharmacokinetics of Ethanol. Analysis of Patients with NONMEM. Study I
D. Breilh, C. Pobel, MC. Saux
Non Linear Pharmacokinetics of Ethanol. Population Model with NONMEM After an Optimal Sampling Duration. Study II
D. Breilh, C. Pobel, P. Rispal, MC. Saux
Population of Vancomycine with Continuous Infusion Administered in Neutropenic Patients Modeling on NPEM2-NONMEM-P-PHARM
D. Breilh(1) , C. Pobel(1) , C. Roth(2) , M.C. Saux(1) , G.Janvier(2)
Sufentanyl Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Modelling (PK/PD) on NONMEM in 10 Patients with Coronary Surgery
J. Bres, D. Cupissol, J. Nouguier-Soule, Ch. Gestin-Boyer, Ü. Büttner, B. Palomba
Population Distribution of Platinum Pharmacokinetic Parameters for Dosage Recommendations of CDDP and Adaptive Control during the Course of Therapy, using different Softwares.
N.J. Bruce, A.H. Thomson, H.L. Elliott
Population Pharmacokinetics of Tacrolimus in Liver Transplant Patients
P.Burtin, J. vanBree, F. Mentre, S. Hensel, J.L. Steimer
A Prospective Evaluation of Sparse Sampling for Toxicokinetics in the Course of Drug Development.
B Charpiat(1) , V Breant(1) , G Tissier(1) , J M.Sab(1) , P Maire(2) , RW Jelliffe(3)
How Many Patients and Blood Levels for Population Pharmacokinetic Analysis? a Study with a One Compartment Model.
Valirie Cosson, Eliane Fuseau, Ph D, Constantin Efthymiopoulos, Alan Bye, Ph D
From Animal to Man
MJ du Preez(1) , JH Botha(1) , ML McFadyen(2) and M. Adhikari(3)
Effect Concentration Relationships of Theophylline in Apnoea of Prematurity
A.C. Falcao(1,2) , M.M. Fernandez de Gatta, A. Dominguez-Gil, J.M. Lanao
Sampling Strategies for Population Analysis: a Theoretical Study to Support Practical Results Obtained with Caffeine in Premature Neonates
Karin E. Fattinger, Davide Verotta, Herve C. Porchet, Alain Munafo, Jean-Yves le Cotonnec and Lewis B. Sheiner
Pharmacokinetic/-Dynamic Modeling of a Bivariate Control System: Luteinizing Hormone and Testosterone Response to GnRH Antagonist Antide
L. Harnisch(1) , W. Weber(1) , E. Sultan(2)
Population Approach to Nonlinear Pharmacokinetics of a New Drug under Development
D. Hille(1) , R. Bruno(2) , S. Durrleman1, L. Sheiner(3) ,
Relationship Between the Pharmacokinetics and the Pharmacodynamics of Taxotere (RP56976, DOCETAXEL) in Cancer Patients
N.S. Houwing, F. Rombout
Population Pharmacokinetics: Effect of Sampling Scheme on Parameter Estimation.
Niclas Jonsson(1) , Janet R Wade(1) , Gun Almqvist(2) and Mats O Karlsson(1)
Discrimination between Rival Dosing Histories
Karlsson M.(1) , Milligan P.(2) , Nichols D.(2)
Determination of Relative Potency for Drug and Metabolite in Vivo
F. Keller(1) , D. Zellner(1) , T. Frankewitsch(1) , M.Giehl(2)
Population Kinetics and Individual Drug Dosage Adjustment
C. Laveille, N. Frey, G. Lerebours, G. Resplandy, Jochemsen, R.
Population Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic of a New Specific Bradycardic Agent: S-16257
Graham Lockwood, Gary Maier
The use of Population Pharmacokinetic Approaches to Aid in the Assessment of Bioequivalence for a Highly Variable Drug
M. Looby, U. Wünscher, M. Weiss
NONMEM in Destructive Sampling Experiments; Experiences with the Toxicokinetics of Dibromchloromethane
SF Marshall, HL Elliott, and PA Meredith
Prediction of Simvastatin Pharmacological Response: A Population Analysis
M.T. Mateu-Garcia, J.J. Perez-Ruixo, V.G. Casabo-Alos, N.V. Jimenez-Torres
Apache II as Predictor of Gentamicin Pharmacokinetic Parameters in Critical Ill Patients
F. Mesnil(1) , F. Mentre(1) , C. Dubrue(2) , A. Mallet(1)
Population Pharmacokinetics Analysis of Mizolastine: Estimation with NPML and Validation
P. Milligan(1) , M. Karlsson(2) , D. Nichols(1)
High Variability Compounds - High Risk for Developers?
JPR Monteleone and NHG Holford
Modeling Interoccasion Variability in Toxicokinetics and Toxicodynamics
L.S. Murray(1) , D.I. Jodrell(2) . J.G. Morrison(2) , A.W. Kelman(1) , D.J. Kerr(2) , B.Whiting(1) & S.B. Kaye(2)
A Population Approach to Predicting Post-Treatment Levels of Epirubicin in Patients with Advanced Breast Cancer
Helene Peyriere(1) , Janine Bres(1) , Dominique Hillaire-Buys(2)
Performance Evaluation of Three Softwares for Bayesian Predictions of Teicoplanin Pharmacokinetic Parameters: APIS MICROPHARM, PKS Abbott
S. Rietbrock, S. Harder, H. Baas
Influence of Apomorphine on the PK/PD-Relationship of Levodopa: Two-Step versus NONMEM Analysis
Ferdie Rombout
An Industrial Perspective: Practical Stages in Model Development
M. Sandström(1) , A. Freijs(1) , R. Larsson(2) , P. Nygren(3) , J. Bergh(3) , M-L. Fjällskog(3) , M.O. Karlsson(1) ,
Lack of Relationship between Systemic Exposure for the Component Drugs of the FEC Regimen in Breast Cancer Patients
D. Santos Buelga, M.F. Delgado Iribarnegaray, M.J. Garca, M.J. Otero, A. Falcao, A. Dominguez-Gil
Carbamazepine Population Pharmacokinetics in Children
Rik Schoemaker and Adam Cohen
Estimation of Kinetic/Dynamic Curves With Insufficient Information for Each Individual Using Non-Linear Mixed Effect Modelling
M. Tod(1) and Jean-Marie Rocchisani(2)
An Algorithm for the Estimation of Optimal Sampling Times in Pharmacokinetics by the ED, EID and API Criteria
M. Tod*(1) , C. Padoin(1) , C. Minozzi(2) , J. Cougnard(2) , O. Petitjean(1)
A Population Pharmacokinetic Study of Isepamicin in ICU Patients
B. Tranchand, S. Urien, C. J. Ardiet
Population Pharmacokinetics of Intravenous Melphalan: NONMEM and MP2 Analysis
Saik Urien (I.N.S.E.R.M.)
MP2 (MicroPharm Population): A Windows Application for Population Pharmacokinetics
Janet R Wade(1) , Britt-Marie Emanuelsson(2) , Lars L Gustafsson(3) ,
A Population Approach Enables the Characterisation of Saturable Protein Binding for Ropivacaine
Jon Wakefield
42 Bayesian Individualization via Sampling-Based Methods.
J Wakefield, G Strehlau
Software product POPKAN; Population pharmacokinetic modelling and analysis
W. Weber(1) , L. Harnisch(1) , M. Zimmer(1) , P. Crause(2) , B. Katgely(1)
Optimization of a ''First Dose in Man'' Study using a NONMEM Model for Mammals
W. Weber*, L. Harnisch, M. Zimmer, C. Rokitta, P. Mendes
New Evidence for a Triexponential Disposition of Cefotaxime