2010 - Berlin - Germany

PAGE 2010: Software demonstration
Sven Janssen

SimBiology: A Graphical Environment for Population PK/PD

Ricardo Paxson


Objective:  To demonstrate the capabilities of SimBiology® for pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) modeling and analysis

Background: SimBiology® is a graphical environment for pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) modeling and analysis. The SimBiology environment provides point-and-click tools to make PK/PD modeling and analysis accessible, even if you have little to no programming experience. Built on MATLAB®, SimBiology provides direct access to an industry-tested simulation solver suite and enables you to integrate PK/PD modeling with other functionality such as parallel computing, statistics, and optimization. SimBiology also lets you experiment with new approaches, such as integrating PK models with mechanistic or physiologically based PK models.
SimBiology 3.2, released in March 2010, provides several new features including:

  • Stochastic approximation expectation-maximization (SAEM) algorithm for fitting of population data
  • New mode for accelerating simulations
  • Support for application of dosing schedules to a model
  • Additional features for parameter fitting including parameter transformations, error models, and multiple dosing
  • Improved support for importing NONMEM® formatted files

Results: A software demonstration will highlight:

Implementing a Pharmacokinetic (PK) workflow in SimBiology

  • Working with PK data files
  • Constructing PK models using the model library
  • Estimating parameters using population and individual fitting methods
  • Algorithms for NLME modeling, including SAEM
  • Visualizing fits using diagnostic plots

  Custom modeling in SimBiology

  • Graphically integrating PD models with built-in PK models
  • Managing multiple models using the SimBiology project explorer
  • Understanding core elements - species, reactions and compartments

  Simulating and analyzing SimBiology Models

  • Simulation basics
  • Simulating different dosing regimes
  • Analysis tasks, such as Monte Carlo simulation
  • Integrating with MATLAB, such as Custom Tasks
  • Accelerating and parallelizing SimBiology

[1] SimBiology User Guide.
[2] SimBiology product page featuring demos, on-demand webinars, and product information.
[3] On-demand webinar: Population Pharmacokinetic Modeling Using Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Methods in SimBiology

Reference: PAGE 19 (2010) Abstr 1906 [www.page-meeting.org/?abstract=1906]
Software demonstration
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