2010 - Berlin - Germany

PAGE 2010: Software demonstration
Stephane Vellay

Pipeline Pilot - Data Integration, Analysis, and Reporting Platform

Stephane Vellay, Guillaume Paillard, Eddy Vande Water, Richard Compton


Workflow technology is being increasingly applied in research and development information to organise and analyse data. Pipeline Pilot is a scientifically intelligent implementation of a workflow technology known as data pipelining. It allows scientists to construct and execute workflows using components that encapsulate many algorithms. This flexible visual programming language captures and deploys your best-practice processes.

  1. Data Integration
    • Search, summarise & share your data aggregated from multiple disparate sources, Databases or Files, using In-House format checking rules
    • Join together applications within a variety of areas, such as chemistry, cheminformatics, bioinformatics, on-line content integration, image analysis, high throughput screening, and laboratory data management
    • Features related to security, scalability, database integration, and distributed computing make it an ideal solution for enterprise use
  2. Application Integration - Model Building & Simulation
    • Pipeline Pilot allows you to integrate your existing computational resources within a single work environment: NONMEM, WinBUGS, Monolix, Xpose, WinNonLin, PsN, simCYP, MC Sim, etc.
    • Use standard scripting environments for rapid development of new components: R, MATLAB, SAS, Perl, Java, Python, VBScript, ORACLE, etc.
    • Automate workflows to schedule jobs, then log & archive associated data and reports
  3. Reporting - Exploratory Analysis, Diagnostics & Decision Tool
    • Automate the creation of standardised reports in various formats: HTML, PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc.
    • Present analysis results in a more accessible way, using interactive charts and forms with easy-to-use reporting tools or by integrating third party applications reporting tools
    • Extend Pipeline Pilot protocols throughout your organisation via Web Portals like SharePoint or LifeRay, giving non-expert users access to previously constructed workflows

[1] Hassan M, Brown RD, Varma-O'brien S and Rogers D. "Cheminformatics analysis and learning in a data pipelining environment". Molecular diversity 2006 Aug;10(3):283-99. PubMed
[2] Learn more about data integration, analysis, and reporting with Pipeline Pilot.
[3] Accelrys Home Page
[4] Accelrys Community Forums contain discussion groups where users can discuss information about the products, report issues, and post scripts and components.

Reference: PAGE 19 (2010) Abstr 1683 [www.page-meeting.org/?abstract=1683]
Software demonstration
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