2008 - Marseille - France

PAGE 2008: Software demonstration
Andrew Hooker

Xpose and Perl Speaks NONMEM (PsN)

Andrew C. Hooker, Pontus Pihlgren, Kajsa Harling, E. Niclas Jonsson and Mats O. Karlsson

Division of Pharmacokinetics and Drug Therapy, Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

Xpose 4 is an open-source population PK/PD model building aid for NONMEM. Xpose tries to make it easier for a modeler to use diagnostics in an intelligent manner,  providing a toolkit for dataset checkout, exploration and visualization, model diagnostics, candidate covariate identification and model comparison.  PsN is a toolbox for population PK/PD model building using NONMEM. It has a broad functionality ranging from parameter estimate extraction from output files, data file sub setting and resampling, to advanced computer-intensive statistical methods and NONMEM job handling in large distributed computing systems. PsN includes stand-alone tools for the end-user as well as development libraries for method developers.  In the latest versions of Xpose and PsN cooperative functionality has been included to take advantage of the strong points of both programs.  Through the use of both programs the end user can easily compute and display the conditional weighted residuals (CWRES) [1], and various visual predictive checks. Both Xpose and PsN are freely available at xpose.sf.net and psn.sf.net respectively.

[1]. Hooker, A.C., C.E. Staatz, and M.O. Karlsson, Conditional weighted residuals (CWRES): a model diagnostic for the FOCE method. Pharm Res, 2007. 24(12): p. 2187-97.


Reference: PAGE 17 (2008) Abstr 1433 [www.page-meeting.org/?abstract=1433]
Software demonstration