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PAGE 2008: Software demonstration
Richard Pugh

Mango Solutions

Mango Solutions

Mango Solutions

Mango Solutions provide software services to PK/PD groups working in the pharmaceutics industry.  This includes training and direct consulting in technologies such as S-PLUS and R as well as the development of bespoke applications integrating key modelling and simulation software such as NONMEM and BUGS.

Examples of Mango Solutions projects include:

  • Targeted S-PLUS and R training courses based on familiar PK/PD data and covering tasks such as creating NONMEM input datasets, creating standard graphical reports, fitted non-linear mixed models and performing model bootstrap and simulation analyses.
  • Web-based NONMEM reporting solution, allowing users to compare and evaluate NONMEM models before creating target graphical/tabular reports in order to summarise a model or analysis
  • S/R simulation library to allow the creation and analysis of simulated clinical trails based on covariate, parameter and response assumptions. This integrated with internal grid systems in order to improve process time and allowed such features as adaptive designs and drop out modelling.

Recently, Mango Solutions has been working closely with the NLMEc group in order to create a prototype for centralised modelling and reporting based on a variety of systems (such as NONMEM, BUGS, MONOLIX, S and R).  The current prototype has been well received by the consortium, and includes the following key components:

  • A standardised definition of a "model" which can be translated into inputs for modelling environments such as NONMEM and BUGS. This allows the central storage and versioning of models independent of modelling software to be used.
  • A standardised "model output" format allowing translation from software-specific outputs (eg. NONMEM or BUGS outputs). This allows the central storage of "model results" and allows users to evaluate and compare models fit in a variety of technologies.
  • A technical component that allows the execution of modelling and simulation software (such as those mentioned above) either locally or on a distributed environment.
  • Common reporting definitions, allowing users to define and execute graphical, tabular and textual reports for one or more analyses.

The NLMEc prototype and some examples of Mango Solutions' work will be available for demonstration at PAGE 2008.

Reference: PAGE 17 (2008) Abstr 1429 [www.page-meeting.org/?abstract=1429]
Software demonstration