2006 - Brugge/Bruges - Belgium

PAGE 2006: Software demonstration
Richard Pugh

Mango Solutions

Mango Solutions

Mango Solutions

Mango Solutions provide purpose built data analysis applications and services for the PK/PD groups in most of the major pharmaceutical companies. Mango offer the ability to integrate and utilise innovative technologies to provide wide ranging systems that allow end users to be more productive, creating reports from raw data which can be easily exported to regulatory and review documents. Mango are helping modelling and simulation teams access and distribute information to much wider audiences internally.

Data - Using our systems has enabled groups to integrate differing data sources improving their workflows. We have automated some of the laborious tasks involved in data manipulation and data integration thus allowing users an easy and complete view of the available data.

Visualisation - Mango offer customers interactive graphic solutions built around innovative technologies. We have provided customers with systems that allow users to compare outputs from different runs visually to easily and intuitively determine strategies by interacting with their graphics.

Modelling – Mango can assist with the creation of unique models for use within your group. Companies have used our analysis team to assist in developing and integrating novel methods and algorithms. These can then either be integrated into existing systems or embedded into new purpose built applications

Reporting – In pharmaceutical research it is becoming more and more important for the user to be more self sufficient and to be able to export analysis and graphics easily into other applications and documents to consistent standards. Mango make this process intuitive and simple for our customers.

All of our work is done within regulatory confines and we always offer customers full support packages to enable complete confidence in the applications and services.

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Software demonstration