2006 - Brugge/Bruges - Belgium

PAGE 2006: Software demonstration
Serge Guzy

The PDX-MC-PEM software

Guzy, Serge


The PD-x-MC-PEM is a new population PK/PD fitting and simulation program. It is the result of a collaboration between POP-PHARM and Globomax.  It is characterized by an user-friendly interface, a stable, accurate and precise algorithm.
The basic features of the program are:  built-in 1,2,3 compartment models, linear and non linear kinetics, multiple dosage regimen capability and IV infusion, oral and IV Bolus. All the models can be combined with a large series of PD models. All PK models can be linked to an effect compartment and then to one of 15 PD models. 
Advanced features include Inter-occasion, BQL handling, pure simulation, covariate analysis. All the above features do not require any Fortran compiler.
In addition, user-defined models are available and require either Compaq Visual FORTRAN or Intel FORTRAN compiler.
The user can write his own model in terms of differential equations or using an analytical function describing the model.
The program supports tlag option in any one compartment and user-defined error variance model.
The program is distributed by Globomax/icon (www.globomax.com, 1 410 696 3100. User-defined models, inter-occasion and BQL handling are updates that are sent by POP-PHARM, free of charge after purchasing the software.

Reference: PAGE 15 (2006) Abstr 1041 [www.page-meeting.org/?abstract=1041]
Software demonstration