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43 Software product POPKAN; Population pharmacokinetic modelling and analysis


J Wakefield, G Strehlau

Mathematical Applications, CIBA-GEIGY AG, Basel, Switzerland

is a userfriendly PC-based software system enabling pharmacokinetic researchers to apply the population approach to kinetic and dynamic data profiles.

is an expert system. It offers by a point and click-strategy a full Bayesian solution of complex hierarchical models. POPKAN's computational engine contains the complex Markov Chain Monte Carlo Sampling methodology - a statistical method at frontier of science level - but the user does not need to understand this methodology and does not need to become a statistical expert.

presents the analysis results in graphical forms and numerical summeries. All results can be stored and later be reused and/or integrated in SAS or another reporting system.

offers robust analysis methodology and a variety of graphical diagnostics for model validation and outlier detection.

provides pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic prediction for individuals and optimal dosing regimens.

offers flexible specification features in form of

either SAS-files or ASCII.

Application mode:
single or repeated application schemes for IV, INFUSIONS and PO mode.

Kinetic models:
one and two compartment models.

Dynamic models:
linear regression and E-max-models.